What You Are Dealing With Now...

  • You wish you could clone yourself to double the effort you put into your business?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the day to day admin tasks to run a business when you would rather be out there seeking new clients and opportunities?
  • Your time is consumed by the never ending “To Do List” rather than doing what you are truly passionate about in your business?
  • You wish you could avoid the effort of going through the everyday mundane tasks and have someone else deal with them?
  • You feel like a “Jack of All Trades” and would like to delegate non-essential tasks to save time and effort?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the management of your social media profiles on top of doing everything else in your business?
  • You would like to deliver high value content to your clients and potential prospects, but feel dragged down by the amount of effort it takes?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, you are a self-employed professional or an established small business owner with already too much work on your hands. You are struggling to keep up with the back office and also trying to secure clients, maintain current ones, pursue new opportunities and market the business. In other words, you are about to lose your marbles so to speak.


Take the Pressure Off Yourself

Nowadays, more self-employed and very small business owners are choosing to hire a Certified Virtual Assistant to work alongside delegating the non-money-producing aspects of their business so they have more time to focus on working with clients, seeking new clients, and opportunities.


Whether you are an self-employed professional, being a life coach, business coach or consultant; running a business involves many non-money-generating tasks not to mention the headaches, time constraints you may suffer on a daily basis. All these factors can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.


Things may get done halfway through or not done at all. Your invoicing may get behind because you are too busy working with clients. You may not be able to follow a new opportunity for increasing your income because you are plainly too busy confirming appointments and answering emails. When hiring a virtual assistant they can take care of those administrative tasks that you dread, find them complicated, annoying and consume your valuable time.


Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • You are  overwhelmed  but hiring full time staff to delegate specific tasks is not feasible.
  • We work on those tasks that we know how to do efficiently while you focus on your work with clients and market your business.
  • You are out of the office on a regular basis and the administrative tasks are falling behind.
  • Allows you to control cost, you pay for the work that is done.
  • We work on regular basis or special projects depending on your business needs.
  • VA's are independent professionals contractors eliminating any employee related taxes, insurance or benefits.
  • We are dedicated and committed to producing quality work.
  • Have more time to do what you are truly passionate about life and business.

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